Pharma Healthcare

Whether manufacturing pharmaceuticals raw material or equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturers must manage a complex network of raw material suppliers, which provide chemical and equipment. Ensuring that the correct materials have been received and that they meet quality and other specifications can be a daunting task.

Extensive collaboration with preferred suppliers and reliance on third-party vendors that can handle some of the workload are two strategies that can help simplify the issue and reduce supply chain risk.

The top priority in any health system is delivering medicine and equipment as a strategic product. Limited research is available in the area of pharmaceutical supply chains. Pharmaceutical companies, the most important player of the drug supply chain, are subject to many risks. These risks interrupt the quantity and quality of supply of medicine and their delivery to the accurate place and customers and at the correct time.

Ash Logistics’ Services

  • GPS tracked remote temperature monitoring and operating services
  • 3PL/4PL partner with years of experience.
  • A wide array of value-added services.
  • Order picking of different types of products and delivery to customers.
  • First Mile-Last Mile transportation to our customers.
  • Tailor-made pharma logistics solutions.

Activities at Ash Logistics

  • Increased control over secondary distribution
  • Safe Transit and Delivery
  • Assisting in obtaining road permissions and escort movement
  • Rationalization of primary distribution (factory to warehouse)
  • Movement of smaller cargo via 3 ton, 7 ton an 10 ton picks up
  • Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)


Types of vehicle Ash Logistics

  • Containerized Truck
  • Mini Truck
  • Container Vehicle
  • Light Vehicle
  • 10 Ton Pick-Up truck
  • Long Platform Truck

How we are different in providing services

  • Provide successful slotting plan to meet inventory rotation requirements.
  • Manages Import & Export Documentation.
  • Continuous Innovation in technology.
  • Equipped with SIM/GPS tracking technology.
  • Virtual Transport Desk.
  • Door pick and door deliveries .

Advantages of working with Ash Logistics

  • GPS/SIM tracking equipped.
  • Trained Staff
  • Provide 24/7 Tracking of vehicle.
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Cost-effective logistics solution
  • Flexibility

Are you interested in being a partner with Ash Logistics and Traders?

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