Electrical Goods

Electrical equipment is part of the distribution system in a large building. Electrical equipment includes any machine powered by electricity. It usually consists of an enclosure, a variety of electrical components, and often a power switch. Major appliance, Microcontroller, Programmable logic controller, and Small appliances are some examples of electrical equipment. More specifically, often electrical equipment refers only to components part of the electrical distribution system such as Electric switchboards, Transmission, Circuit breakers and disconnects, Electricity meter and Transformers.

This equipment is often used by solution engineers or network engineers who provide solutions to a variety of problems that occur with software or hardware. When customers have a task that they want to accomplish and their network technology is not sufficient, the solutions engineer comes up with solutions that are sold to the customer.

Transportation of Electrical goods involves a wide planning and systematic execution of the plan. The transportation and logistics industry deals with all modes of transport such as air, sea, rail, road and related sectors such as warehousing, EXIM and handling. The industry is heading towards a stage where the major companies coordinate with each other and offer related services under one roof. Larger integrated companies, which have a presence in other sub-sectors of the industry, are in a consolidation mode.

Ash Logistics’ Services

  • Warehouse.
  • 3PL/4PL partner with years of experience.
  • EXIM
  • Provide trucks for transportation as per the need of the client.
  • First Mile-Last Mile transportation to our clients.
  • PAN India transportation including neighbour country Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Activities at Ash Logistics

  • Increased control over secondary distribution
  • Restructured logistical systems
  • Quick Response
  • Rationalization of primary distribution (factory to warehouse)
  • Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)
  • Introduction of Supply Chain Management (SCM)


Types of vehicle Ash Logistics use

  • Long-Haul Truck
  • Mini Truck
  • Heavy Truck
  • Container Truck
  • Pick-Up truck
  • Light Truck

How we are different in providing services

  • 24/7 Transportation Tracking
  • Manages Import & Export Documentation
  • Continuous Innovation in technology
  • Equipped with SIM tracking Technologies
  • Virtual Transport Desk
  • Advanced fleet analytics

Advantages of working with Ash Logistics

  • Provide 24/7 Tracking of transportation
  • GPS/SIM tracking equipped
  • Centralised Control for Truck movement
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Collaborative management System
  • Flexibility

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