E-commerce has given very good platform for manufacturers / producers to obtain their raw materials, components, sub-assemblies from most competitive rates. Also E-commerce has played very important role in B2B marketing of finished / semi-finished products. Some of the B2B E-commerce Supply Chains examples are - online auction, online B2B selling portals, online integrated ERPs to facilitate buying supply chains in public domain from manufacturers such as dealers portal in automobile industry. Although looks simple – online transaction for buying or selling raw materials, components, sub-assemblies, spares, capital equipment or consumables;


E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet, it is the commercial transaction done through electronically on the internet. Ash Logistics is leading Supply Chain Solutions provider in B2B E-commerce domain.

B2B Supply Chain involves complex process and is characterised by below important points:

  • Just-in-time order execution / make to order (MTO) execution
  • Accurate demand forecasting to optimise inventory levels and thus inventory holding & carrying costs
  • Minimum lead time to execute order as per customer need
  • ERP integrated system to carry out B2B Supply Chain
  • Government regulations & norms in certain conditions like EXPORT/IMPORT regulations, maximum inventory level etc.
  • Changing technologies involved in the B2B E-commerce domain like cloud computing / data storage, AI for demand forecasting

We at Ash Logistics has deeper understanding of B2B E-commerce Supply Chain domain and ready to help resolve existing & upcoming B2B E-commerce supply chain.Currently we are offering below services for B2B E-commerce Supply Chain domain:

Currently we are offering below services for B2B E-commerce Supply Chain domain:


Ash Logistics has vast experience in managing such a complex B2B E-commerce supply chains as 3PL / 4PL. Our competitive services mainly warehousing, transportation and EXIM offers stable B2B E-commerce supply chain management with experienced professional staff and advanced technology backbone.


Challenges of complex B2B E-commerce supply chain such as high volumes, low contribution margins, extensive distribution and high inventory turnover introduces solution of interim storage & distribution. Decision of warehousing and distribution planning is very important to sustain profitability, maintain and grow market share in competitive market.

Ash Logistics Offers

  • Selection of warehouse location based on distribution plan and complete B2B E-commerce SCM consulting including design of warehouse facility, setting operational SOPs, suggestion w.r.t. improvements in current warehousing operations etc.
  • Yard management.
  • Automated authentication & traceability of B2B E-commerce goods for accurate FIFO management.
  • Warehouse binning locations planning to optimise space utilisation.
  • Advance and fully / semi-automatic material handling equipment to save labour cost like – ASRS(Automatic Storage & Retrieval System), AGV(Auto Guided Vehicles), Reach Truck, Forklifts, HPT(Hand Pallet Trucks), semi-automatic conveyors for packing, printing and dispatches. We offer these equipment on hire-purchase or on monthly rent basis to reduce capital investment and maintenance cost (including specialised trained staff cost) of our customers.
  • Design & installation of optimised racks system on rental basis
  • Full/partial automation in binning, packaging and loading/unloading to reduce material handling time and cost.
  • Effective Warehouse Management System (WMS) for demand planning, inventory optimisation and distribution planning.
  • Immediate WMS information flow to upstream & downstream for quick decision making in fluctuating demand market.
  • Advanced analytics to support world class B2B E-commerce warehousing operations.
  • 5S implementation along with Kaizen.
  • Strong operational review mechanism & reporting to control all activities related to warehousing.
  • 3PL/4PL services to manage customer's entire warehouse activities.


In-plant logistics covers movements of goods within the manufacturing/processing plant. Movements includes raw materials movement from receipt to intermediate storage, components and sub-assemblies - either to or from stocking points or line-sides, for turning into finished goods, as well as bringing finished products out to the factory gate or intermediate storage for dispatch outside factory. In-plant Logistics also covers intra-unit movement for goods (raw/semi-finished/finished).

Ash Logistics has proven partner for many leading B2B E-commerce companies’ in-plant logistics. We offer below services in In-plant logistics management:

  • Raw material / semi-finished goods / components inward movement including unloading of material from vehicle, inspection
  • Binning of goods received at receipt
  • Issue of raw material / semi-finished goods for further processing on lines (line feeding)
  • Movement of semi-finished goods / components / sub-assemblies on line
  • Movement of finished goods to dispatch location
  • Movement of empty bins / pallets from line to feeling location either to raw material storage or previous stage of manufacturing or processing or outside factory.
  • Labour management require for in-plant management
  • Dispatch management – invoicing, loading.
  • Material handling equipment on hire-purchase or on monthly rent basis to reduce capital investment and maintenance cost (including specialised trained staff cost) of our customers.
  • Yard management
  • Returnable assets management like pallets, bins, fixtures for movements, trays, trollies, tote bins etc.
  • Washing / cleaning of bins, storage equipment etc.
  • Consultancy in design of layout (SLP – Systematics Layout Planning) for material movement, storage and handling equipment and IT support to design and development of in-plant logistics system


Scalability and the capacity to meet high demand at right time are essential in a transportation partner for the B2B E-commerce industry. Ash Logistics offers services that help improve efficiency all along the supply chain. As a 3PL partner with decades of experience, we have aligned our operations around transportation vertical to provide seamless services to the B2B E-commerce industry. Whether you need temperature-controlled or FTL transportation, we as a transportation partner to help with returns or recalls, or demo kitting for retailers, we offer a wide array of value added services in B2B E-commerce Transportation viz:

  • Supported by own and hired fleet as per your need
  • Specialized in movement of large quantum of cargo or freight as per Law
  • We provide local and regional shipments as well nationwide shipments services
  • We also provide FTL service from India to Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh and vice-e-versa
  • We are one of the leading logistics companies in India serving FTL services to national and multi-national FMCG companies across India
  • Delivering consistent value to our existing all customers, we are trustworthy, reliable and leading service provider in this domain
  • 24 by 7 Online /offline order placement using Centralised Transport Desk (CTD)
  • Online LR (Lorry Receipt) generation through our Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Assistance to decide type of carrier by our expert transport team
  • Tracking of your consignments 24 by 7 through our Transport Management System (GPS / SIM)
  • Visibility and reports for each movement of the shipment
  • Definite transit schedule towards just in time delivery
  • Opportunity to transport high value goods securely with our safe services
  • Extensive IT Network support for your FTL transportation including online billing, payment, PODs and other data backup for a year
  • Reverse Logistics


B2B E-commerce Export Import includes International transportation of goods, including raw materials, components, sub-assemblies, semi-finished and finished goods. We are ready to answer B2B E-commerce EXIM SCM challenges with our vast network of international contacts and expert knowledge of the international freight forwarding. Our core services in B2B E-commerce EXIM includes:


  • Import Cargo Handling
  • Export Cargo Handling
  • Import and Export Cargo Consolidation


  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less than Container Load (LCL)
  • Buyer Consolidation
  • Direct & Transhipment service options
  • Port to Port Services
  • Break Bulk


We provide the following services:

  • Guidance for Duty Benefits as per notifications.
  • Customs documentation
  • Examination of shipments.
  • Customs Duty Payments.
  • Customs clearance at all major CFS, Ports across India
  • Carting/ receiving goods

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