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EXIM (Export - Import)

Export-Import is a process of exchange of goods and services from one country to another country. An export in international trade is a good or service produced in one country that is bought by someone in another country. The seller of such goods and services is an exporter; the foreign buyer is an importer. An import is a good brought into a jurisdiction, especially across a national border, from an external source. The party bringing in the good is called an importer. An import in the receiving country is an export from the sending country. Importation and exportation are the defining financial transactions of international trade.

The importance of logistics in the import and export business is proven and can arguably be one of the most important aspects of the success of the company. Often, the best way to ensure an efficient, accurate, and robust supply of products on time and in the same condition as they left either domestically or internationally is to hire a third-party logistics company. Hiring a 3PL provider will not only give the customer back some of their sacred time, but it also assures the customer that they will have the resources to promise consistent deliveries to your customer and real-time oversight of the entire process.

Main Advantages of Logistics EXIM

  • 3PL Partner - Hiring a 3PL provider will not only give you back some of your sacred time, but it also assures you that you will have the resources to promise consistent deliveries to your customer and real-time oversight of the entire process.
  • A lot to offer under one roof - From designing customized freight spend management services, supply chain consulting, and providing both domestic and international transportation options, established third-party logistics companies can seamlessly manage all of your logistics needs.
  • Land, Sea, and Air - Working collaboratively with airline, ship, rail, and trucking companies, a 3PL can work with their network to determine the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective way to get your product to the desired destination.
  • A combination of strengths - Exceptional communication and organizational skills, an ability to foresee (and eliminate) potentially-problematic areas of concern, investment in the right technology, and a zero-tolerance for mistakes with a “no-excuses” mind-set.

Working with Ash logistics

  • Value-added services such as warehousing, fulfilment, and distribution.
  • Warehouse management facility.
  • Seamless Freight Transportation.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Exceptional communication and organizational skills.
  • Simple and Fast Deployment.

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