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Trading Activities

With strong presence in logistics across India, Ash Logistics and Traders decided to expand its activities horizontally by entering in Trading activities. We are looking for good opportunities with MNC companies who are looking for their product launch in India through efficient Traders.

We are also open for Joint Ventures with MNC companies who want to start manufacturing activities, land acquisition, business take over etc. in India.

At Ash Logistics we are also carrying out following activities

Business of purchasing, selling, exporting and importing and dealing in consumer products, garments, gift articles, clothing accessories, perfumes, cosmetics and dealers of household furnishings & household decoration.

To act as importers and exporters of goods or merchandise or services of any description and to act as commission agents, forwarding and clearing agents, transporters, transport agents, brokers for the said business as mentioned in the main object of the company.

To represent India or foreign principals in negotiating, finalising and construing to import or export of any commodity, goods, equipment as stated in main object of the company.

To purchase, to take in exchange or on lease, rent, hire, occupy, allot, to be occupied or otherwise, acquire and use any freehold, leasehold or other immovable property, residential and /or office flats and lands, estates, plantation, shop warehouses, show-rooms, work-shops, easements, offices, building, premises, machinery, plant and works or any other rights or other interests in any land, building and premises immovable or movable, real or personal property, either in consideration of a gross sum or of a rent charged in cash, services or on perpetual lease, rent in the manner aforesaid or party in one way or another or others.

To enter into partnership or any arrangement for sharing profits, union of interest, co-operation, joint-venture, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any other company or person to carry on similar business or transaction and to lend money to and guarantee the contracts or otherwise acquire shares to sell, hold, reissue with or without guarantee or deal with the sale

To acquire and undertake the whole or any part of business, goodwill and the assets of any person, firm or company carrying on or proposing to carrying on any of the business which this company is authorized to carry on and as part of the consideration of such acquisition, to understand all or any of liability of any such person, firm or company or to acquire an interest in amalgamation with or enter into partnership or into any arrangement for sharing profits or for co-operation or for limiting competition or for mutual assistance with any such person, firm or company and to give or accept by way of consideration for any of purpose aforesaid or property acquired, any share, debentures, debenture-stock or securities that may be agreed upon and to hold and retain or sell mortgage and deal with any shares, debentures, debenture-stock or securities so received .

To enter into agreement, partnership, or joint venture or collaboration for the business or its development/ expansion with any party either from India or abroad and pay in cash or in shares of the company or both for consideration of such arrangement/s.

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